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Create it yourself.  Fill it with ideas.  Tell everyone.  Keep it at hand.
Thinking about your own website? Want to create a website for your company? Have no desire to learn complex technologies?

Whoever you are -- a blogger, a photographer, a small business owner or a member of a club -- you can share your ideas or offer your products on the Internet just in a few taps. It's a simple as that!

Create a website on iPad! Spend 10 minutes making a website and enjoy a fully functional website that is always at your reach. Take pictures of different places and share them in your blog, take photos of your product and sell via an online store. Express yourself wherever and whenever you want, since your iPad and the Internet connections is everything you need!

Share your passion with the world!

Second-Level Domain
Choose your own domain name for free or use an existing one.
Unique Style
Create your own style by changing patterns, palettes, background, and structure.
Website Building
Create pages, sections, products, and blog entries easily and without restrictions.
Easy Editing
Intuitive page editor without coding. Insert pictures from iPad photo stream.
Online Store
Includes online payment system, shipping cost estimation and order processing via iPad.
Your own Blog
Having your own blog is especially prestigious when it is also hosted on your own website.
Communicate with your audience
Share your ideas, events, experiences in Facebook, Twitter in one tap.
Follow the latest developments on the website and around it in the feed and iPad notifications.
Fancy address on a second-level domain will be available to you immediately.
Don’t worry about hosting
Hosting, server setup and maintenance are included in the price.
Follow hits on your website using integrated statistics gathering.
Ask us a question using the program and get a full and prompt response.

Tour in inWeby, the first website designing tool for iPad

Easy start: five easy steps will allow you to quickly select a template, choose a theme, specify the main sections, and register a domain name for your site.
Create it yourself: choose a second-level domain name, a style and color scheme that you want. Your site will be perfect, we took take of it!
Fill it with ideas - any ideas! You can easily add and remove pages, sections, products, photos, and blog entries. Edit everything with a simple and intuitive editor. You won't have to see a single line of code.
Keep it at hand and stay mobile! A new comment is posted on your site, a new message in a social network or a new order in your store? inWeby will gather everything in a conveniet notifications stream and will inform you with push-notifications via your iPad.

About inWeby:

by - August 13, 2013
inWeby reviews"Well, Innovation Systems have just gone and surprised me, as inWeby takes what you can do with an iPad, and pushes it to the next level, and for guys like me, who run Websites, this new app is invaluable."

by - August 11, 2013
inWeby reviews"The app also happens to look pretty good, as well. We enjoyed the easy-breezy navigational controls, and we can attest that you really don’t need any coding knowledge to successfully manage the app."

by - August 9, 2013
inWeby reviews"inWeby offers a pleasant working environment, a lush suite of customization tools, and a really simple way to create a site that’s right for you."

by - August 7, 2013
inWeby reviews"inWeby brilliantly brings a website builder experience on the iPad."


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